Creating healthier lives using the power of exploration, education, and microgreens

In development for the past year, our KICKSTARTER campaign will be kicking off in August! Children will plant and harvest, experiment and explore each month while learning important nutrition, gardening, science, and critical thinking skills.

In the meantime, please get your copy of our free cookbook. Would you like to be more involved and be part of our tester community? Send a message today!

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The Mighty Microgreens Story

Children live better, longer, and brighter lives when they are healthy. Eating vegetables is important for life-long good health, but very few children eat enough unprocessed vegetables on a daily basis. We are helping our children and grandchildren improve their quality of life by teaching them to grow and eat their own food while they learn the why and how. We taught our own children to understand their connection to their food supply, beginning with microgreens and now we are on a mission to influence the health of thousands of children and families across the country.

Our team includes parents who understand children with different needs, a curriculum developer for gifted/talented schools, teachers, and skilled, life-long gardeners .

We grew up understanding the need to eat and grow our own healthy foods. Our mission is to teach others what we have learned through the decades. ~ Margo, head microgreen guru

The Microgreen Blog

Grow, Learn, Eat, Explore, Create

The Mighty Microgreen blog is for those that are ready to explore the world of nutrient-dense urban gardening in a tiny indoor space. With a little seriousness, a bit of humor, and a lot of experience to share, this blog is for micro gardeners- and wanabes. For cooks and eaters, the busy, the curious, the savers, and those looking to the future. Check the blog often to learn and grow healthy, right along with your microgreens.


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