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Yes, you CAN grow these! I was a confirmed plant killer and I can grow these microgreens!


The Mighty Microgreen kits are the BEST you can buy. They have changed the way we eat because they are so easy and fun.

Tray P.

We have learned so much about growing our own food. I am using these kits with my kids in our homeschool.

Shaelyn A.

We are learning to like vegetables, and my son understands why he should eat them now. He’s not a complete believer yet, but at least he has learned to be willing to try new green foods!

Ashay T

processed foods make up 65% of children's calories

The Microgreen Adventure- Kids Educational Grow Kit. Exploring Nutrition and Food with Hands-on Microgreen Gardening!

For ages 3-12

Microgreen kit, STEM activities, and fun- delivered!

Grow and eat your delicious, tiny veggies in just 10 days.

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