Grow microgreens for yourself and your family!
The Mighty Microgreen is a family-run business in Inkom, Idaho
Look for us at the Farmer's Market in Pocatello, or contact us for Bi-Weekly subscriptions

The Ultimate Microgreen Gardener
Starter Kit

Our microgreen kits and supplies are designed to help you successfully grow microgreens for yourself, your family and community.

We teach public and private classes on growing microgreens, to children, youth and adults.

We are dedicated to provide online resources to help you learn everything you need to know to be a micro-farmer.

The Mighty Microgreen Subscription
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Growing Microgreens

Gardening Ideas for Kids

Microgreen Margo

It’s Contest Time!

Would you like to win $50 in supplies/shipping from The Mighty Microgreen? This little guy has been going by the name of ‘the pea head
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Microgreen Recipes

Microgreen Margo

Russian Salad

,We call this Stas’s Salad. For special celebrations in our family, everyone makes their favorite foods. We have a very

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Microgreen Margo

Microgreen Crepes

I thought crepes were a fancy meal for restaurants and special dinners. I remember seeing special pans for making crepes.

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