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Everything Microgreen

Your table is your farm!

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Microgreens are:

  • Tiny and tasty micro veggies
  • Easy and FUN to grow
  • Super nutritious
  • Harvest in 10 days
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Video on how to grow Microgreens
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children's educational kit

Start a life-long love of growing things

As well as an age-appropriate understanding of nutrition, biology, and botany. Experience the science and fun of growing healthy bodies, minds, and lives.

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Local Classes

Do you live in Bannock Country, Idaho? Learn more about local, free microgreen classes for groups, schools, business enrichment, and families.

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our mission...

To help you build healthier lives using the power of microgreens, education, and exploration.

We here at The Mighty Microgreen have a mission- to give you the inspiration and tools to include fresh greens in your diet, and to help you inspire good choices in your family.

One of the greatest gifts of mankind is the ability to choose.

This gift of free agency is a two-edged sword because we sometimes overlook the fact that every choice is connected to a consequence. The choice of what we put into our bodies is often short-sighted. What tastes good enters the mouth and “Damn the consequences!” Changing eating styles can be difficult, especially once we have established eating patterns that are based on habits of the past. Although the best time to begin to eat healthily is when we are young, it is never too late!


  • Yes, you CAN grow these! I was a confirmed plant killer and I can grow these microgreens!


  • The Mighty Microgreen kits are the BEST you can buy. They have changed the way we eat because they are so easy and fun.
    Tray P.
  • We have learned so much about growing our own food. I am using these kits with my kids in our homeschool.
    Shaelyn A.
  • We are learning to like vegetables, and my son understands why he should eat them now. He’s not a complete believer yet, but at least he has learned to be willing to try new green foods!
    Ashay T
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