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Give the gift of good health. Learn all the secrets of growing plentiful, healthy microgreens from the Microgreen Master Gardener. Classes begin again in January 2020. 

Learning the secrets of growing microgreens with The Mighty Microgreen


Easy Fried Rice with Microgreens

Variety is the spice of life and adding new microgreens to the lineup is an adventure for the senses. I’ve been experimenting with curly cress […]

Quick and Nutrient-Filled Breakfast

Health goals are often derailed by lack of time and the habit of falling back into old ways. My goals this year include building strength […]

Russian Salad

,We call this Stas’s Salad. For special celebrations in our family, everyone makes their favorite foods. We have a very eclectic group of recipes from […]

Fresh Tomato with Microgreens Soup

When the tomatoes are bountiful at the Farmer’s Market- or the backyard- it’s time to make tomato soup! Adding a big handful of microgreens, a […]

Microgreen Crepes

I thought crepes were a fancy meal for restaurants and special dinners. I remember seeing special pans for making crepes. They were dipped in a […]

Doing Spaghetti the Microgreen Way

Or, starting where you are- with spaghetti Spaghetti is one of those fast, feel-good foods that nearly everyone loves. Perfect for a busy day, it […]

Dilly Zuc Summer Soup

The zucchini and tomatoes are coming on fast and it’s time to put them to use in this tasty summer soup. This is an easy-to-modify […]

Solyanka- Even Better With Microgreens!

Solyanka is a thick Russian soup made with surprising ingredients- pickles and olives! Soups are a mainstay in Russian cuisine, and Solyanka is one that […]