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Russian Salad

,We call this Stas’s Salad. For special celebrations in our family, everyone makes their favorite foods. We have a very eclectic group of recipes from […]

Fresh Tomato with Microgreens Soup

When the tomatoes are bountiful at the Farmer’s Market- or the backyard- it’s time to make tomato soup! Adding a big handful of microgreens, a […]

Microgreen Crepes

I thought crepes were a fancy meal for restaurants and special dinners. I remember seeing special pans for making crepes. They were dipped in a […]

Doing Spaghetti the Microgreen Way

Or, starting where you are- with spaghetti Spaghetti is one of those fast, feel-good foods that nearly everyone loves. Perfect for a busy day, it […]

Dilly Zuc Summer Soup

The zucchini and tomatoes are coming on fast and it’s time to put them to use in this tasty summer soup. This is an easy-to-modify […]

Solyanka- Even Better With Microgreens!

Solyanka is a thick Russian soup made with surprising ingredients- pickles and olives! Soups are a mainstay in Russian cuisine, and Solyanka is one that […]

Lattice Omelet with Microgreens

Sometimes we just want something beautiful for breakfast or brunch. Mother’s Day, birthday, or just an I-want-something-special day are all a great excuse to spend […]

Microgreen Stuffed Eggs

Stuffed eggs are also known as ‘deviled eggs’… but that is such an odd name for these angelic little bites! Apparently, stuffed eggs originated as […]