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Children growing microgreens- and exploring the fun and excitement of growing good health

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The Mighty Microgreen Adventure is a STEM-based series teaching children nutrition and the fun and excitement of growing healthy bodies, minds, and lives while growing a micro-farm inside.

Plant and eat your crop in just 10 days- indoors. For children 3-11

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This is a great idea for homeschool science. I like the STEM focus, and it is not only educational, it is fun for me to work with my kids on this.

~Bani R.

Thanks for letting us be one of your kit testers. The girls love it! We can’t wait until the subscription is ready.

Kath P.

Ok, learning about nutrition and biology isn’t boring after all.


We are learning to like vegetables, and my son understands why he should eat them now. He’s not a complete believer yet, but at least he has learned to be willing to try new green foods!

Ashay T

Microgreen Kits- Family and Individual

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The Mighty Microgreen Adventure Kickstarter- Successfully funded in November 2021!

The Mighty Microgreen Cookbook

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