About us

The Mighty Microgreen story…

Microgreens are in my blood… I come from generations of farmers and gardeners, and grew up understanding the need to eat and  grow our own healthy foods. I discovered microgreens many years ago before they became ‘the new big thing’, and love to teach others what I have learned through the decades. I have taught many people how to grow microgreens using sustainable methods in classes, online, and one-on-one. The Mighty Microgreen is a labor of love.


  • I am ‘Microgreen Margo’

    Microgreen Farmer and leader of the pack, sustainable lifestyle guru, Mom, Grandma, Teacher, and Friend of those who love peace and a healthy life. Giving service makes me happy. I love my microgreen smoothies every morning, teaching young people about healthy eating, digging in the dirt on a sunny day, and traveling around the world meeting new people and ideas.

  • Microgreen Margo