Instructions: Growing Microgreens

Instructions: Growing Microgreens

1) Presoak microgreen seeds if needed. Sunflower, peas, buckwheat, radish, and certain other large seeds require a presoak for quick, even germination. Soak time varies by seed type so check the seed packet before starting. Soak in cool water and rinse after the soaking period.

Rinse microgreen seeds in cool, running water after soaking.
Rinse seeds under cool water after soaking

2) Prepare the trays. Moisten the soil or coir and then spread evenly into the tray without packing it down. It should be about 1-2 inches deep. The soil must be damp, but not soggy. If there is standing water, pour it out. If the soil seems dry, mist lightly.

3) Spread seeds evenly across the tray. Large seeds will be almost touching, smaller seeds will have a little space between them. If you are using The Mighty Microgreen kits, spread the entire packet of seeds over the tray.

Children planting microgreen pea seeds.
Children planting microgreen peas

4) Water & cover. with your hands or the bottom of a glass, press the seeds into contact with the soil. Give a light mist on the surface of the seeds. Make a blackout/humidity chamber by misting the inside of a lid and placing it over the seeds. Use the GrowMat to cover and keep the seeds in the dark. The seeds need to breathe but germinate best in the dark.

5) If the humidity in your area is low, mist the seeds every 12 hours. Maintain high humidity by misting the seeds and the inside of the lid.

6) Leave the trays in the blackout chamber for about 4-5 days. This encourages stronger seedlings. Once the seeds have ‘lifted their heads’ remove the lid. Put the trays in a sunny window or under grow lights. You may need to rotate the trays to keep seedlings growing straight.

Pea Microgreens ready to put in sun
Pea Microgreens after 4 days in blackout, ready to uncover and put in sun

7) Check the soil daily and add water if needed. The soil should always be moist, but not soggy. Pour water on the side of the tray and tilt to be sure all seedlings are moistened. Dump out any standing water after a few minutes.

8) Growth rate depends on the species and the temperature. Most are ready in 7-10 days. Taste a few each day after they have reached at least 1/2- 1 inch high to discover when you prefer to harvest.

Sunflower microgreens, pea microgreens, buckwheat microgreens and broccoli microgreens ready to harvest
Microgreens ready to harvest

9) Harvest with a sharp knife or scissors slightly above the soil level. Harvesting can be done all at once, or, harvest as you need the microgreens to retain the most nutrition.

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