It’s Contest Time!

It’s Contest Time!

Would you like to win $50 in supplies/shipping from The Mighty Microgreen?

This little guy has been going by the name of ‘the pea head guy’ since he was first drawn. He has gone through several creative growth spurts, and there will be another one coming soon that will make him even more ‘real’ looking. Before he goes ‘live’ he needs to have a good side-kick name. I have racked my brains for months.  Coming up with creative names is definitely NOT my superpower!

Name this little superhero sidekick!

Because he desperately needs a name, and I am out of ideas, I am opening up this contest.  The winning name will be chosen based on the best fit for this character and our Mighty Microgreen brand.  Feel free to suggest as many names as you can come up with. The winner of the naming contest will be gifted with $50 of credit towards any product and/or shipping from The Mighty Microgreen! If you are local, product only!

Here is the latest picture of our little superhero. He will go through another morph to make him more ‘3D’ during July.

Character background

Here is a little background for the character to help you in your brainstorming:

He is the sidekick for The Mighty Microgirl. She’s the super gardening guide, nutrition leader, always on the lookout for people in need of help; Her mini sidekick is full of life, mischievousness, cares for everyone, is a nutrition nerd, and loves to get his hands dirty while helping others.

These two will be featured in a kid’s microgreen gardening book, as well as in a kid’s microgreen recipe book.

The MIghty Microgirl and her trusty companion

And now I turn the brainstorming over to YOU! Please share this and help me find the right name.

Put on your brainstorming cap!

Are you ready to submit a name?

Leave your suggested name ideas in the comments, below!

And, Thank You!



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