A Kickstarter is crowdfunding, not donations.

A Kickstarter campaign is an opportunity for a large number of people to support a new, creative idea by purchasing an item in advance. The items that you purchase are called ‘rewards’- as in a reward for supporting the growing business.

The rewards are an important part of the campaign- they are a preview of the creative product that is being brought to life.

What are we doing?

We are teaching children nutrition in a way that motivates them to WANT to be healthy! In addition, each month they get hands-on materials and lessons in biology, botany, and the science and fun of growing a micro-farm on a windowsill.

Did you know that children ages 1-10 are eating 50% less vegetables than just 15 years ago? Among teenagers, only 2% eat enough vegetables to sustain good long-term health. Those are scary statistics with long-range health consequences.

The Mighty Microgreen Adventure is a subscription kit. Each month your children (grandchildren, nieces, nephews, little friends) will receive a package in the mail with new seeds, planting soil, hands-on science activities, and a full-color magazine. It will be a package that the children in your life will look forward to and race to the mailbox for. Geared to ages 5-11, these exciting lessons will make a long-term impact on health as they learn the WHY and how of eating nutritious food.

What can you do to help?

Take the 3-minute survey! The survey will help me understand which of the rewards are the most inviting- and there is a place to add your own ideas to help me make it even better. Thank you for taking the survey!!

And, please support our Kickstarter by purchasing one of the items when this goes live on SEPTEMBER 7th! The more people that participate during that first day, the more likely it will ‘go viral’ and reach the thousands of people that are necessary to help this great resource reach all across the country.

Thank you for being a supporter of children, nutrition, and this woman-owned startup!

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