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Microgreens are available all year round through a subscription CSA. This year, especially, we need to improve our immunity and health with the organic, bio-available nutrients in these ultra-tasty micro veggies.

Subscription Services

Delivered to either BiLo in Pocatello, or to your home in select areas with our home delivery service, microgreens are freshly harvested just hours before they are brought to you. Also available are living trays that are at the perfect stage for you to take home and harvest at your leisure.

Microgreen Subscription Details

Delivered every two weeks on Wednesday to BiLo, or to your home with a $3 delivery charge each delivery. 

Each regular subscription includes 1 mixed green container of your choice or 2 living trays of your choice.

The double Subscription is twice as many containers- 2 mixes, or 4 living trays, or 1 mix and 2 living.

Deliveries are scheduled for Wednesdays at 11:00 am at BiLo’s on 15th street. You may pick up your delivery any time after 11:00 am.

Going on vacation? You may suspend your subscription with 2 weeks advance notice.

Delivery dates for the 2020/2021 season will be:

October 7 October 21 November 4 November 18
December 2 December 16 December 30 January 13
January 27 February 10 February 24 March 10
March 24 April 7 April 21 May 5

Subscriptions include your choice of:

Harvested mixes:

Mild mix (Pea, buckwheat, sunflower, broccoli, and corn. May also include amaranth, beet and occasional herbs)

Zesty mix (Pea, buckwheat, sunflower, Radish, Super Booster {broccoli, kale, cabbage, arugula, kohlrabi]. May also include corn, cress and other zesty greens, as well as edible flowers in season

Energy! mix (Pea, sunflower, buckwheat)

Living 5×5: Your choice of Sunflower, Pea, Radish, Buckwheat, Broccoli, Super Booster, and Broccoli/Amaranth mix. Occasional special varieties will be offered through the season.

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