Microgreen Safety During Covid 19
Microgreen mild mix- nutritious and tasty

Microgreen Safety During Covid 19

Microgreens from The Mighty Microgreen are a safe and nutritious choice during this time of Covid-19 uncertainty.

The Covid-19 virus has many people on edge.

Q: How does this health emergency affect you and the consumption of microgreens from The Mighty Microgreen?

A: They are among the safest produce you can eat at this time.

It is essential that we continue to eat healthy and nutritious foods to keep our immune systems strong. The growing, harvesting, and delivery of microgreens at The Mighty Microgreen is strictly controlled and barring emergencies, is handled by only one person- myself. The Mighty Microgreen has always been guided by a focus on health and safety as well as good sense and integrity.

I have gone above and beyond legal requirements to ensure that my business and growing practices result in the safest and healthiest microgreens possible. I completed the Produce Safety Alliance PSA Grower Training Course in December, and I am in touch with our local Health Department several times a year to assure that what I do is not only safe for my family but for you- my customers and friends. All my microgreens are grown organically, with only clear water, virgin soil, and light- and never touched by human hands.

Being over 60, I take advantage of early morning shopping hours at BiLo and our other local stores to reduce the risk of contagion to our home and greenhouse. We go into town infrequently and for necessities only. Living on a mountain, up ‘in the middle of nowhere’ has it’s perks- social isolation is one of them.

I will be delivering your microgreens to BiLo earlier, at 8 AM on the delivery days so that those that are over 60 can take advantage of BiLo’s senior-only hour. This will reduce exposure to not only you, my valued customer, but to myself as well.

Thank you for supporting my small business during this financially trying time!

I appreciate each and every order and the trust that you put in The Mighty Microgreen. Please reach out to me by email or phone if you have any questions.

With best regards and thanks,


Margo Clayson

The Mighty Microgreen

themicrogreenhub@gmail.com, 208-775-3775

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