4 Week Microgreen Subscription

Just $7 per week! 4-week Microgreen subscription. Long-lasting, local, fresh, organic microgreens delivered every-other-week from October 15-May 15.


NOTE: Pickup sites in Bannock County only at this time

Super value!

Just $7 per week, delivered every-other-week.  Your microgreens will be harvested shortly before delivery, for ultimate flavor and nutrition. Long-lasting- up to two weeks- when refrigerated. Living trays are also available.

  • Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the nutrition and flavor benefits
  • Develop a relationship with your farmer- know where your food is coming from!
  • Children are more likely to eat greens from ‘their’ farm
  • Know that you are eating chemical-free, natural and organically grown produce from a safe, local source.

What is the value in your bi-weekly box?

Your choice of 2 Mild, Zesty, or Energy! microgreen mixes, or 4 living trays, or a combination of mixes and living trays through the month. LIving trays can be ordered in different stages of growth to keep you in microgreens for the entire 2 weeks.

*PLUS* microgreen recipes and ideas for using microgreens in every meal

*PLUS* When there are extra microgreens on the farm, or when I experiment with new varieties, subscribers receive a share free with their delivery.

Your subscription is for 4 weeks ( just $7 per week). Pickup at :

  • Nel’s Bi-Lo (on 15th in Pocatello) on Wednesdays
  • I will deliver to other areas in the Pocatello/Chubbuck/Inkom areas if there are 6 or more subscriptions to be picked up in one location. Let me know where you would like to see a delivery point, and if we can get at least 5 customers in the area

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