Advanced Microgreen grower’s class

For those who have taken the 2-hour introductory class, this is the advanced class- learn to grow the more difficult microgreens such as corn, amaranth, shiso, and beet, as well as the micro-herbs basil, cilantro, and more.


Now that you have experienced success with growing microgreens, it’s time to step it up and learn the secrets of growing the more difficult microgreens and micro-herbs. This class is specifically for those who have already taken the first microgreen grower’s class. We will be answering the questions that may have come up in the past weeks and months, and discovering answers to questions you may not have yet!

Join us for this once-a-year class, held on Saturday morning, November 2nd, from 9-11 am.

To be held in the same location as the first class.

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