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Coco Coir Discs- 100


NEW! Coco Coir Planting Discs
100 Coir discs.  Pure, organic coconut coir -Just add water and plant.
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Coco Coir Discs – Compressed Grow Medium

This fibrous grow medium from pure, organic coconut coir provides proper aeration to help microgreens and seedlings establish healthier roots to grow stronger and faster. Grow directly in the soil. Great for indoor and outdoor container gardening, or traditional gardening. Use for seed starts, microgreens, wheatgrass, and more. This growing medium is raw and organic.

  • FEATURE – 50mm x 10mm discs expand up to 15 times in volume. Expands to one cup of soil. Each disc is perfectly sized for your microgreen grow trays.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Pure, untreated, triple washed, raw fibrous coconut coir that is compressed into light convenient discs that quickly expand into an amazing grow medium when you add water
  • CONVENIENT – Lightweight, compact, and Re-hydrates quickly – Just add water. Peat Free – Eco-Friendly.
  • A Note On Size – Coco Coir is a 100% natural medium, and so slight variations in size are common.
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