Microgreen Introductory Grow Kit

Microgreen grow kit- everything you need to grow two complete trays of microgreens. Includes sunflower and the Super Salad Booster seeds, growing medium, idea book, complete instructions, and reusable grow tray.


The Mighty Microgreen Grow Kit


Everything you need- just add water

Includes: Easy to follow instructions, grow tray with moisture-retaining cover, 2 sets of seeds (Sweet Sunflower and Super Salad Booster), with Coco Soil organic growing medium, GrowMat for easy germination, and recipe book

Why Choose The Mighty Microgreen Grow Kits?

Because unlike Amazon and other microgreen sellers, we care about your microgreen journey- and you are never alone to struggle through a new experience.. Our passion is helping you learn to grow. Each kit purchased through The Mighty Microgreen Includes membership in our exclusive members-only facebook help page- learn from experienced microgreen gardeners. We are always just a click away with help and advice!

Weight 8 oz

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