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Deluxe Microgreen Sectional Kit


This kit is simply THE best microgreen kit available for personal and family micro-gardening. With the unique ability to rotate crops in the 18 heavy-duty trays, you will have a constant supply of microgreens all through the year – grown indoors in just a 10 inches x 20 inches space.

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This kit is simply the best microgreen kit available for personal and family use.  With the unique ability to rotate crops, you will have a constant, fresh variety of microgreens all through the year

With enough seeds for up to 6 months, and more than 600 servings, your first crop will be ready to harvest in just 7-10 days. Planting takes just minutes with the pre-measured soil discs- perfect for the busy lifestyle we all lead.

Gain the skills and confidence to grow the way experienced microgreen farmers do- but in family size. Growing microgreens brings new meaning to farm-to-table- your table IS the farm! A few minutes each day is all it takes to plant, nurture, and harvest a consistent, nutritious, rotating crop.

  • 2- 10×20 sturdy, long-lasting trays- one to grow your crops to harvest, the second to germinate the next rotation.
  • 8 sturdy 5×5 trays in different colors to organize your crops,
  • 8 sturdy cover trays to weight and blackout your crops
  • Non-GMO Microgreen specialty seeds that may include Purple Radish, Speckled Pea, Brassica mix, Broccoli, Buckwheat, Basil, Corn, Sunflower, and Shiso. Some seed substitutions may be necessary based on seasonal availability. These will include several of the ‘Challenger Series’ to teach you to grow the mucilaginous and those that grow in complete darkness.
  • 70 coco coir soil discs- each one grows a complete tray of microgreens
  • Spray Bottle- for initial planting
  • Microgreen 101- complete directions and tips for both the beginner and more experienced grower.
  • Beyond the Salad- recipe cards and e-cookbook.

Includes access to a members-only page with video instructions and a helpful community of microgreen growers.

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