The Adventure Microgreen Grow Kit


The Microgreen Adventure Kit is accessible for children preschool- age 11 to connect growing microgreens with STEM/hands-on learning. 

  • Microgreens are ready to harvest in 10 days
  • STEAM hands-on Learning and exploration
  • Learn to grow food in a tiny space in your home
  • Monthly Learning Subscription (available later this year) includes seeds, soil, recipes, learning lessons, and exploration activities
  • Designed by experts, approved by kids
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The Microgreen Adventure Grow Kit

The value of gardening with children is well known- but year-round outdoor gardening is impossible for most. Microgreens are the answer. With our indoor micro-garden STEM kits, not only are children developing responsibility, understanding and self-confidence, they are actively experiencing hands-on STEM-based learning based on science standards!

Grown in tiny greenspaces indoors, microgreens are an incredible vehicle to teach science, math, nutrition, art, service, and so much more in a fun, exciting way. Perfect for children, the micro veggies are harvested in less than 2 weeks- and there are changes to see each and every day through the process.

NOTE: At this time, only the initial box is available for purchase. Our Kickstarter campaign will go live in May, and monthly subscriptions will begin after that time.

In this Microgreen Adventure Kit is everything your child needs to experience a month’s worth of fun, education, and growth with microgreens.

  1. 1 ultra-sturdy planting tray
  2. 1 ultra-sturdy cover tray
  3. 2 trays for additional experiments
  4. 1 protective water tray
  5. spray bottle
  6. magnifying Fresnel lens
  7. Non-GMO Microgreen Seeds
  8. Clean Coco soil for all activities
  9. Complete Directions
  10. Educational lesson plan adaptable for ages 3-11
  11. Exploration activity and materials to dive deeper into learning about roots, root hairs, and capillary action
  12. vocabulary boost
  13. Science record sheet
  14. Recipe card to encourage food exploration and nutrition.
  15. The GreenZine- a full color educational magazine all about microgreens and the science behind them.

A Growing Experience

Microgreens make it possible to grow a wide variety of nutritious vegetables in just a tiny space (6 inches x 6 inches) inside your home. As you progress through the subscription year, you will not only experience fun STEM learning, but you will gain the knowledge and skill to provide your family with fresh vegetables year-around- vegetables that everyone will love to eat!

  • Easy and Fun to grow microgreen varieties each month
  • STEM/hands-on based learning experiences
  • Super nutrition, family-friendly choices
  • Ages 3-11

Each kit purchased Includes membership in our exclusive members-only help page for quick answers to all of your questions.

The Story Behind the Business

I began growing microgreens for family use many years ago while teaching science and other subjects in a local elementary school.

Realizing the potential to teach life lessons through microgreens, I began teaching adults, youth, and children to grow microgreens with my specially developed kits. I have researched, revised, and trialed each part of the kits as I worked with a curriculum developer to add additional STEM learning experiences to go with the monthly lessons. The time came to quit my ‘day job’ to concentrate on developing this business into one that concentrates on teaching families how to include microgreens as part of their quest for life-long learning and good nutrition. Bootstrapping the journey with personal investment funds, savings, gifts, 70 hour weeks, growing and selling microgreens locally, and the advice and support from the SBDC and IWBC, I have gathered a diverse team of specialists to help me develop this unique and science-backed microgreen subscription learning box.

Sourcing American-made products and local services whenever possible will be important to procure materials to keep on hand to prevent delivery disruptions. With funding from our Kickstarter campaign, we will be able to build molds and have many parts of our kits made locally- helping other small businesses while being simultaneously better for the environment.

With your support on KICKSTARTER, we will continue building new subscription packets. Our goal is to have 12 months of learning activities completed during the first 6 months. We are also developing online lessons for both individuals and schools that will include live Zoom classes across the nation.

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