Intro Kit Seed and Coco Soil Refill pack


Refill pack for the intro kits. Enough seeds and coco soil for 10 trays.


5 pack of seeds and 10 pack of Coco Soil.

Microgreen seeds and planting coir. Intro Kit Refill Pack. A nutritious and ultra-tasty variety pack of microgreen seeds along with the growing medium to grow 10- 5×5 trays of microgreens. Includes 56 gr pea, 28 gr buckwheat,14 gr radish, 5 gr super booster (a flavorful mix of kale, broccoli, cabbage, arugula, and kohlrabi), and 5gr broccoli.

Using your Mighty Microgreen intro kit  and this refill pack, you will grow 10 trays of flavorful, nutritious microgreens. All you add is water, light, and a little time. Super easy to grow, an excellent learning experience for children and youth.

Grow the way professional microgreen farmers grow- but in the comfort of your own home. Using nursery-grade trays and the same microgreen seeds that serious microgreen producers use, you will be able to successfully provide fresh microgreens for you and your friends and family for many weeks.

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