Serious Size Microgreen Seed Pack


Eight times the seeds!

This pack has enough seed to grow up to 80- 5×5 trays of microgreens, up to 3 months of fresh microgreens.  This carefully selected mixture of seeds includes the 5 tastiest, most nutritious, and easiest to grow microgreen seeds: Speckled Pea, Buckwheat Lettuce, Purple Radish, Super Booster (Kale, cabbage, broccoli, arugula, kohlrabi), and broccoli are among the most flavorful and versatile microgreens grown by families all over the world.

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Your microgreens will be ready to harvest between 7 and 12 days

The speed of plant-to-harvest makes growing microgreens a wonderful introduction to gardening for kids, adults, and the mature. MicroGreens can be grown at home on your kitchen counter or sunny window; they have an intense flavor and nutritional value that exceeds that of sprouts and baby greens. Their tender, flavorful stems and leaves are superb in salads, soups, smoothies, hors d’oeuvres,  sandwiches, or as a powerful nutritional garnish.



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