The MicroGarden: Starter + One Seed Box


Grow microgreens on your windowsill or table in less than 10 days. 3 months of seeds and soil!

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Indoor micro-gardening with the best personal-sized kit available.

For those that are not interested in a children’s educational kit but would like to grow microgreens for their own kitchen, this kit will allow you to grow one crop each week for 12 weeks, with a variety of types and flavors.

Starter Box :
  • (2) – Dishwasher safe planting tray
  • (2) – Dishwasher safe water tray
  • (2) – Dishwasher safe cover tray
  • (1) – Spray Bottle
Seed and Soil Box :
  • (4) – varieties of microgreen seeds, enough for 12 weeks of growing
  • (12) – compressed, easy-to-use coco-soil discs- just add water
  • (1) – “Microgreen 101” – complete directions for the beginner as well as the more experienced microgreen grower.


Add a Seed-and-Soil subscription!

Each delivery includes 4 varieties of microgreen seeds and 12 compressed, easy-to-use coco soil discs- delivered every 3 months. Your choice of seeds (pea, broccoli, sunflower, salad mix, buckwheat, radish, basil, alfalfa, corn)


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