The Mighty Microgreen Adventure Monthly Subscription

$29.95 / month for 3 months

Have you already received your first Mighty Microgreen Adventure Box?

Are you ready to continue the STEAM fun and learning?

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Does Not Include Starter Box

Have you already received your first Mighty Microgreen Adventure Box?   Are you ready to continue the fun and learning?

The Mighty Microgreen Adventure is designed to inspire children and families to work together to discover the fun and excitement of learning about nutrition, botany, and biology through growing and eating microgreens.

Each month you will receive:

A new delivery of fun and learning:

  • Full-color educational magazine with growing, nutrition, and botany lessons as well as hands-on science experiences and other STEM learning.
  • Seeds and soil discs for a month’s worth of microgreen growing experience
  • Hands-on experiment materials package
  • Microgreens In the Kitchen recipe card
  • Assistant’s guide- additional information and instructions for adult partners-in-learning

Begin with month two if you have already received the Adventure Kit,  or month four if you have received the Adventure Kit plus three months. The Mighty Microgreen subscription is consecutive, with each month building on lessons from the previous issues.

Free shipping within the United States

Please contact us before ordering if you are outside the United States

** Please note that the second month will not be shipped until after February 15th, 2022.


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