The Ultimate Microgreen Gardener Starter Kit


Are you ready to grow your own good health? This kit is for those who are committed to improving their health and meal options through growing a variety of microgreens.

With eight 5×5 trays, you will start several crops each week to have a constant rotating supply of fresh microgreens. A few minutes each day is all it takes. You will soon be an experienced microgreen gardener!

Includes 1- 1021 sturdy solid tray, 2- 1010 trays with holes, 8 sturdy, reusable 5×5 trays in different colors to organize your crops, spray bottle, pH test strips with directions, 8 varieties of seeds (4 of each variety- 32 packets total), Coco Soil organic growing medium, step-by-step directions, and recipes.

All of our kits Include membership in our exclusive members-only Facebook group- you are never alone on your microgreen journey!

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