The Ultimate Microgreen Gardener Starter Kit

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In order to help those who are beginning this microgreen journey during the Covid-19 crisis, we are offering 10% off until the stay-at-home order is over in the United States. Stay safe- Stay home- Eat well.

This is simply the best kit available for growing microgreens for a small family. With enough seeds for 10-12 weeks, your first crop will be ready to harvest in just 7 days.  Never rely on store-bought produce again!

A few minutes each day is all it takes. I am serious here- it literally takes 5 minutes to plant and care for your microgreen farm each day.  Grow the way experienced microgreen farmers do- with bottom watering and weighting. Easy-peasy method of gardening that brings new meaning to farm-to-table.

Includes 1- 1021 sturdy solid long-lasting tray, 8 sturdy, reusable 5×5 trays in different colors to organize your crops, 8 cover trays to weight your freshly-planted seed,  5 large seed packets of radish, speckled pea, Super Salad Booster, Broccoli, and buckwheat; Coco Soil organic growing medium for your first eight trays, step-by-step directions, and recipes.

Includes access to members-only Facebook page with video instructions and a helpful community of microgreen growers. You are never alone in your microgreen journey!

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