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Microgreen Personal Starter Kit


Grow a rotating supply of microgreens on your windowsill or table in less than 10 days. 60 days of  seeds and soil discs


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Microgreen Personal Starter Kit

Indoor micro-gardening with the best personal-sized microgreen kit available.

For those that would like to grow microgreens for their own kitchen, this microgreen kit will allow you to grow two crops (up to 10 servings) at a time for 8 weeks or more. With a variety of microgreens,  this microgreen kit is Ideal for the experienced or beginning microgreen gardener, for dorm rooms, motor homes, and other small spaces. The Microgreen Personal Starter kit requires just a six-inch x twelve-inch space on a windowsill or brightly lit area.

Your Starter Box includes :
  • (2) - Dishwasher safe planting tray
  • (2) - Dishwasher-safe water tray
  • (2) - Dishwasher-safe cover tray
  • (1) - "Microgreen 101" - complete directions for the beginner as well as the more experienced microgreen grower.
  • (1) - Recipe card
  • (4) - varieties of microgreen seeds: pea, broccoli, radish, and sunflower. The most popular of microgreens, this nutritious pack is enough for 8+ weeks of growing
  • (16) - compressed, easy-to-use coco-soil discs- just add water

Includes access to a members-only Volley community forum with video instructions, daily questions answered, one-to-one help, and a helpful community of microgreen growers.


Microgreen Seed Assortment

Save even more with microgreen seed subscriptions. Cancel any time. Microgreen seed assortments include varieties that are carefully chosen to give excellent nutritional compatibility for children and adults. An excellent value, delivered to your door.

Small Seed Assortment

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30 trays- 120+ servings: Speckled Pea, Tangy Buckwheat, Sweet Sunflower, Broccoli, and Rambo radish.
12 ounces of seed

Medium Seed Assortment

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112 trays- 448+ servings: Speckled Pea, Tangy Buckwheat, Sweet Sunflower, Broccoli, Rambo radish, Super Booster (sulforaphane-rich cruciferous mix), Basil, Sweet corn. 4lb, 11 oz seed

Large Seed Assortment

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Be prepared! Bulk food storage is always a good idea- especially for families. Packed securely in heavy-duty Mylar, over 450 servings of fresh greens in an emergency. Enough for 300 trays.


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