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  • 12 week microgreen subscription

    Just $6.25 per week! 12-week Microgreen subscription- Great value for local, fresh, organic microgreens.

  • 24 Week Microgreen Subscription Oct 15-May 15

    24-week microgreen subscription in Bannock County. Just $6 per week- BEST VALUE!

  • 4 Week Microgreen Subscription

    Just $7 per week! 4-week Microgreen subscription. Long-lasting, local, fresh, organic microgreens delivered every-other-week from October 15-May 15.

  • Advanced Microgreen grower’s class

    For those who have taken the 2-hour introductory class, this is the advanced class- learn to grow the more difficult microgreens such as corn, amaranth, shiso, and beet, as well as the mi...

  • Broccoli Microgreen Seeds

    6 packets of microgreen broccoli seeds- enough to grow 6 full trays of broccoli microgreens.

  • Buckwheat Microgreen Seeds

    6 seed packets of the organic citrusy buckwheat. Enough to grow 6 full trays of buckwheat.

  • Coco Soil Replacement Packs for Microgreen grow kits

    Coco soil is a growing medium that is perfect for microgreens. Very little mess (unlike dirt), and retains more water than other options- making watering your microgreens easy and worry-f...