The Microgreen CSA

The What and Why of a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is more than just a weekly box of produce. It is a powerful partnership between the farm and consumers. When you join our CSA, you are buying a share of the farm. What we grow, you take a share of.

In the last 25 years, CSA’s have become a popular way for consumers and farmers to work together to assure that families have local, nutritious food directly from the farmer. A CSA connects farmers, consumers, and our food system by creating community, encouraging transparency, and delivering a
rewarding experience for all. It is a simple idea, but the impact is profound for both the farm and the share-member.


What are the benefits for you?


  • Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the nutrition and flavor benefits
  • Develop a relationship with your farmer- know where your food is coming from!
  • Children are more likely to eat greens from ‘their’ farm
  • Know that you are eating pesticide- and chemical-free, naturally organically grown microgreens from a safe, local source.


What are the benefits for the farm?


  • By knowing weeks ahead how many shares to grow for, the farm can plan the microgreen planting schedule to grow just the right amount. This saves resources and prevents waste.
  • When there are extra microgreens, they are added to shares.


What is the value in your weekly share?

Your choice of mild or zesty mix: enough to add to 4 green salads and 4 sandwiches, or 8 (or more) entrees (Breakfast, lunch or dinner).

*PLUS*  one additional package of microgreens or microgreen-related item that will give you at least 2 additional servings.

*PLUS* microgreen recipes and ideas for using microgreens in every meal- new recipes every week!

An Incredible Value! Join Today…

Delivery every week OR every-other-week!


Look what you can make from ONE week’s share!

  • I am ‘Microgreen Margo’

    Microgreen Farmer and leader of the pack, sustainable lifestyle guru, Mom, Grandma, Teacher, and Friend of those who love peace and a healthy life. Giving service to one of God’s children makes me happy. I love my microgreen smoothies every morning, teaching young people about healthy eating, and digging in the dirt on a sunny day.

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