The Microgreen Subscription Service

The Mighty Microgreen Subscription-

October 15- May 15

What are the benefits for you?

  •  Eat local, organic, fresh food, with all the nutrition and flavor benefits, throughout the winter.
  • Develop a relationship with your farmer- know where your food is coming from!
  • Children are more likely to eat greens from ‘their’ farm
  • Know that you are eating clean, pesticide- and chemical-free, naturally organically grown microgreens from a safe, local source.

What are the benefits for the farm?

  •  By knowing weeks ahead how many subscriptions to grow for, the farm can plan the microgreen planting schedule to grow just the right amount. This saves resources and prevents waste.
  • When there are extra microgreens, they are added to shares.

 What is the value in your bi-weekly delivery?

Your choice of 2 Mild, Zesty!, and/or Energy! mixes, or, 4 living trays of your choice of microgreens..

Want both mixes and living trays? Each subscription is individualized- you will choose what you would like to receive each month.

*PLUS* microgreen recipes and ideas for using microgreens in every meal- new recipes every week.

*PLUS* Subscribers share in any ‘extras’ that are produced by the farm. If I grew too much, or experiment with new varieties- you are the first to recieve them free as part of your subscription.

An Incredible Value! Sign up Today…

Delivery every-other-week to Nel’s BILo on 15th ave near ISU.

Want a delivery site closer to you? Let me know of a place that is convenient and if we have 10 or more subscribers that prefer the site, we will add it to the delivery route!


Look what you can make from ONE week’s share!

  • I am ‘Microgreen Margo’

    Microgreen Farmer and leader of the pack, sustainable lifestyle guru, Mom, Grandma, Teacher, and Friend of those who love peace and a healthy life. Giving service to one of God’s children makes me happy. I love my microgreen smoothies every morning, teaching young people about healthy eating, and digging in the dirt on a sunny day.

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