Microgreen Subscription Details

Delivery Schedule:

March 11               March 25         April 15          April 29          May 13

May 27                  June 10           June 24         July 8             July 22

Each delivery will include 1 clam (harvested trays) or 2 living trays.

The double Supscription is twice as many containers- 2 clams or 4 living trays, or 1 clam and 2 living.

Deliveries are scheduled for Wednesdays at 8:30 am at BiLo’s on 15th street. You may pick up your delivery anytime after 8:30 NOTE: Due to Covid-19, I am delivering early so that those that are 60 and older may pick their order up during BiLos senior-only hour from 8-9am. .

Additional delivery sites are available with a minimum delivery. Contact for more information.

You may suspend your subscription when needed, with 2 weeks advance notice. The notice is required because I plant only what is needed for the subscriptions, up to two weeks before delivery. Advanced notice prevents wasting microgreens.

Subscriptions include your choice of:


Mild mix (Pea, buckwheat, broccoli. May also include Sunfower, corn, beet, amaranth and herbs, and edible flower)

Zesty mix   (Pea, buckwheat, Radish, Super Salad Booster {broccoli, kale, cabbage, arugula, kohlrabi]. May also include sunflower, corn, and other zesty greens, as well as edible flowers in season

Energy! Mix (Pea, buckwheat)

Living 5×5: Your choice of Sunflower,   Pea,   Radish,   Buckwheat,   Broccoli, or  Super Salad Booster,  and/or broccoli/Amaranth mix