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The Mighty Microgreen Adventure - A hands-on learning adventure for kids

The Problem

The statistics that inspired The Children's Microgreen Adventure:

  • In 15 years, the consumption of vegetables by children has dropped 50%
  • Only 2% of teenagers eat enough veggies to sustain good health
  • 67% of a child's calories come from processed food
  • Many children do not like vegetables and choose not to eat them
  • When there are few fresh foods available, children don't have options

Unhappy children with poor eating habits

  • A child's diet influences both physical and mental health
  • The incidence of mental health difficulties in children has increased dramatically as diets have eliminated whole, fresh food.
  • Fresh, whole foods deliver the nutrition that a growing child’s brain needs to function.
  • Observational studies suggest a strong link between diet and mental health.
  • There are many factors that influence our physical and mental health.

We can make a difference through our food choices.

Through growing, eating, and exploring with microgreens, The Mighty Microgreen Adventure inspires kids to-

  • Make better nutrition choices,
  • Make better health choices
  • Make better social choices.
  • learn to grow their own food
TMM Kickstarter campaign card
  • Children live better, longer, and brighter lives when they are healthy.
  • Eating vegetables is important for life-long good health and the time to begin is now
  • Few children eat enough unprocessed vegetables.

We are helping children improve their long-term quality of life by teaching them to

  • Grow and eat their own food
  • Understand the nutrition in their food supply
  • Understand biology as it relates to themselves and those around them

Microgreens are tiny vegetables that are grown indoors

  • Up to 40% more nutritious than full-grown veggies
  • Incredible teaching tools for all ages
  • Ready to harvest just 10 days from planting.


The Solution

Our mission is to build healthier lives using the power of exploration, education, and microgreens.

Girl with tray of microgreens

Teaching kids the WHY of eating healthy

How? By:

  • Exploring with hands-on science experiments and thought-provoking activities.
  • Growing their own micro-farm on a window inside their home or school.
  • Eating, and sharing microgreens with family, friends, and neighbors.
Boy and mother growing microgreens

The Mighty Microgreen Adventure teaches

  • nutrition
  • biology
  • botany
  • and the science and excitement of growing healthy bodies and minds with an exciting, hands-on subscription


Our Story

I am Margo Clayson, an entrepreneur, a teacher, creator, mom, and a grandma. I know how hard it can be to get children to eat healthily!

Realizing the potential to teach important life lessons using microgreens, I began teaching people to grow microgreens and to use them to improve nutrition and health in their families. I have taught hundreds of children, adults, families, and school classes to not only grow microgreens, but to understand biology, botany, and the science of nutrition.

Hundreds of children from 3 to 15 - and their parents - tell me that, "It is fun to learn about microgreens, and learning about nutrition isn’t boring after all!"

And they universally agree that microgreens taste good! Even kids that don’t like ‘green things.’ Yup, we are definitely onto something here.

Teaching about Microgreens to children and adults

We have an incredibly talented and experienced team to develop and test not only a fail-proof children’s microgreen growing kit, but the STEM-based, hands-on, FUN curriculum that teaches the biology, botany, and nutrition that relates to children’s growing bodies and minds.

For the past 2 years, we have invested countless hours developing and testing the curriculum, the grow kits, the experiments- and they are ready to go. I have personally invested many thousands of dollars into purchasing the materials needed to build the kits. With 50,000 coir discs (yes, we bought in bulk!), a thousand trays, and hundreds of pounds of seeds in our small warehouse, as well as the boxes, bottles, and all the hands-on experiment materials filling the shelves, we are ready to go.


Margo Clayson

Margo Clayson of The Mighty Microgreen
Margo Clayson, Founder of the Mighty Microgreen

Margo is the founder and team lead of The Mighty Microgreen. A mom, a grandma, a teacher, and an entrepreneur. With a background in science, nutrition, and horticulture, she has grown microgreens for over 16 years and has used them to teach life lessons for many years. A fan of traveling, discovery, and service, she is putting her heart and soul into teaching children to eat well and appreciates your support.

Heather Danforth-Clayson

Heather Danforth-Clayson of The Mighty Microgreen

Heather Danforth-Clayson (MA, Curriculum and Instruction) has spent nearly two decades as an educator, working with students and teachers from preschool to high school. She is nationally recognized for curriculum development and has presented to educators at numerous conferences around the country. She is particularly passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) teaching and learning and has been recognized as an Exemplary STEM Educator by 100Kin10, an organization that seeks to increase the number and quality of STEM educators in the United States. She has also been honored with the Rosenthal Award (second place, 2017) for Innovation and Inspiration in Mathematics Teaching, presented annually by the National Museum of Mathematics. Heather is thrilled to be supporting The Mighty Microgreen's efforts to advance children's nutrition and science learning through joyful micro-gardening.

Daniel D. Clayson

Daniel D Clayson of The Mighty Microgreen

Daniel takes care of technology in many different capacities. The science and tech consultant at The Mighty Microgreen, he is also an experienced software developer, co-founder of Dabblefox, and a valued Technical Consultant at Autodesk. As a health and education-conscious husband and father, he is pleased to help with all phases of getting The Mighty Microgreen Adventure out where it will influence not only his children but many children and families in your communities.