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The Best Microgreen Kits For Home and School Growing

Whether you are an experienced microgreen grower that is ready to upgrade or someone who wants to begin growing these ultra-nutritious tiny veggies, our kits are the finest home kits on the market. Guaranteed to get you harvesting your first crop in less than 10 days, each kit comes with non-GMO seed, organic grow discs, and BPA-free microgreen trays.

Microgreen Personal Starter Kit

Personal size Microgreen kit

This microgreen personal-size kit has two complete sets of trays to rotate your greens. With a full 60 days of seeds and soil, this is fun and inexpensive way to easily and quickly start growing microgreens for good health.


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Windowsill Kit

microgreen kit for windowsill

Grow consistent, fresh microgreens easily all through the year in four sets of long-lasting trays. Perfectly sized for a windowsill, these can also be grown on a counter or table. Seeds and easy-to-use soil discs for 60 days of microgreens


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Group and School Kits

microgreen kits

For schools, family groups, Girl Scouts, Boy scouts, preparedness fairs, and all those that wish to inspire the love of growing in children, youth, and adults.

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Microgreen Intro Kit

introductory gift microgreen

A perfect gift for all ages, this kit has seeds and soil for two complete crops. Perfect size for stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, and children’s activities.


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Deluxe Microgreen Sectional Kit

This super-sized sectional microgreen kit allows you to have a consistent rotating supply of 9 different varieties of microgreens in two 10″ x 20″ spaces. Seeds for SIX MONTHS, this is an excellent family- sized kit that is also perfect for food storage.

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Pet Grass Kit

Cat eating wheatgrass

Fresh greens for your furry, feathery, or scaley friends. Organic seed from an Idaho Family Farm. Easy and fun to grow, it comes with complete easy-to-follow directions. $16.99

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