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Student Kits

Graphic Directions for Student Kits - an easy-to-follow graphic direction sheet for all ages

Group Kits

Group Kit Student Directions for Home - a take-home sheet for participants in a group class with instructions for the care of their planted trays, and how to use the microgreens.

Group Kit Teacher Instructions -how to prepare and teach a microgreen unit to a group. All ages.

Group Kit Teacher Instructions - Home School Edition - includes directions for broccoli and sunflower

Group Kit Science Journal - 5 Day- for schools and homeschools, a science journal page

Lesson Plans

Microgreen 101 - the beginners guide to growing microgreens

Nutrition Lesson - Micronutrients

Science Journal

Activity Kit Science Journal

Activity Kit Science Journal - Younger Children

Science Journal Observation Activity Sheet

Microgreen Cookbook

Cookbook- a microgreen ebook to take you beyond salads and smoothies!

Permission is granted to download and print these resources for personal and educational use only. Not for commercial use.

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