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Lights for Microgreens
January 2, 2023
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Choosing the Best Lights for Microgreens

Choose the best- and cheapest- lights for microgreens. No expensive grow lights are needed. This video will give you all the necessary information to make the best choice.

Some micro-farmers want to expand from the windowsill and use areas in the home that do not have sufficient light. LED lights are the inexpensive, best solution for lights for microgreens.

For those that prefer artificial lights, this video tells you all about choosing the best lights for growing microgreens. No expensive and impractical lighting for a home, just practical experienced advice for the right lights for the best nutrition.

What Kind of Lights Do You Need for Microgreens?

I started off with a ‘BRIEF’ answer and an explanation of the different kinds of lighting that are available… and got carried away making sure you had all the details. However, In 10 minutes, this video will give you the information you need without any hype. Watch it before you get carried away with expensive grow lights. Cheap lights for microgreens for the win!

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