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Heavy Duty 1020 Hydroponic Trays, no holes (2)


Our trays are designed and manufactured in the USA to withstand years of use. Perfect for microgreens, herbs, flowers, and wheatgrass.


  • 1.75mm in thickness
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • 2 trays
  • Top Dimensions are Length 21in, Width 10.5in, Depth 2 1/2 in.


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Heavy Duty 1020 Hydroponic Trays, no holes (2)

These trays will last for years with careful use. Made in the USA, they are sized perfectly to hold eight 5×5 grow trays, two 1010 grow trays, or one 1020 grow tray. Perfect for hydroponic gardening, they allow for bottom watering of your crop- an important part of raising microgreens which should never be watered from above. Here at The Mighty Microgreen, we have used these trays for many years and they are included in the Deluxe and large Classroom kits.

Two trays make rotational planting easy. Use one tray for the initial three-day blackout period, and then transfer the uncovered trays to the second tray placed in bright light.

Hand-washable. Includes two trays.


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