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Microgreen Educational Kit- Classroom


Designed by a teacher to be flexible in a classroom, this will be a long-lasting microgreen science set you will use in various ways. Open-ended, this kit can be used in one classroom or with multiple classes, grades K-12.

educational microgreen kit for schools


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Designed with NG science standards in mind, This kit is perfect for educators looking to bring life to a single concept or add interest and options to current curriculum. Long lasting materials for one class or multi classes, Grades K-12

Designed by a teacher to be flexible and applicable to many STEAM lessons, this will be a long-lasting set you will use in various ways. Open-ended, this kit can be used in one classroom or with multiple classes.
98% of students ages 5-18 do not eat enough fresh vegetables for optimal mental and physical health. Inspire your students to change that statistic in their school, homes, and community using microgreens as a tool and a solution. Adapt a wide range of NGS lessons by using microgreens to teach and inspire your students.
Included in the Classroom Kit are:
*3- 1020 trays
*1- 1020 tray with holes (for hydroponic and extended experiments)
*2- 1010 trays with holes
*16  heavy-duty 5×5 grow trays (multicolor for color-coding experiments)
*16 heavy-duty 5×5 cover trays (black)
*10 heavy-duty 6×6 water trays for windowsills, demonstrations, and photosynthesis lesson
*Seeds- over 3 pounds of non-GMO, nutrient-dense microgreen seed specifically chosen to be easy and quick to grow and develop into nutrient-dense microgreens. Includes Speckled Pea (2), Sunflower, Purple Radish, Broccoli, and Popcorn. 
*100 coco coir soil discs- 50mm. Each rehydrates to 1 cup of soil in less than a minute
*Measuring spoon kit
* 100 work sticks
* pH test kit
* 30- hand-held fresnel lens
*5- 100mm Petri dishes
*3- color-coded spray bottles
* recipe cards for nutrition units
* Online access to lesson materials, including photosynthesis, biology, botany, nutrition, mold growth


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