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Microgreen Intro Kit


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This microgreen starter kit is a fun and inexpensive way to start growing microgreens for sandwiches, salads, snacking, and more. Grow 8 servings of the two most popular and tasty microgreens- Speckled Pea and Broccoli. An excellent introduction to microgreens with detailed instructions, these easy-to-grow kits make a great gift idea and stocking stuffer.

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Microgreen Intro Kit

Each kit contains everything you will need to grow two full trays of microgreens- 4-6 servings per tray. Plant to Harvest is only 10 days, making this a perfect introduction to microgreens for all ages.

  • Microgreen grow tray 5x5 (assorted colors)
  • Cover tray 5x5 (black)
  • Water tray 6x6
  • Two pre-measured organic soil discs (just add water to reconstitute)
  • Two pre-measured Organic Seed Packets
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Ages 3-103

All trays are heavy-duty, BPA-free, long-term use, and dishwasher safe. The soil disc is 100% triple washed coco coir that rehydrates in less than a minute.


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