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Microgreen Windowsill Kit


Rated 5.00 out of 5
based on 1 reviews

Grow microgreens on your windowsill in -literally- just moments per day. No mess or fuss, this hydroponic sectional kit is simple for all ages and provides a rotating supply of ultra-nutritious microgreens for 60 days or more!  Perfect size for a small family and for plant-based eating in just a small space.


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Microgreen Windowsill Kit

For beginner, intermediate, or experienced microgreen growers, this is the perfect size to up your nutritional, fun microgreen game. Grow up to 4 trays on a rotating basis to have just the right amount of microgreens available whenever you want them. Six easy-to-grow, ultra-nutritious and flavorful varieties of microgreens. No additional light is required- just put the planted trays on a windowsill and watch them grow effortlessly before your eyes. Easy for all ages- 3-103.

All supplies included (just add water) for 30 trays- 2 months or more- of fresh microgreens.  More than 120 servings!

Each kit comes with exclusive access to our Volley microgreen community message board where we give tips and pointers, teach free classes, and answer your questions daily. Learn all there is to know about growing and using microgreens with The Mighty Microgreen.

  • 4 grow trays
  • 4 cover trays
  • 4 water trays
  • 7 nutrient-rich varieties of microgreen seeds:
    • Speckled Pea 4oz
    • Rambo Radish 1oz
    • Broccoli 28gr
    • Sunflower 2.5 oz
    • Super Booster 28gr
    • Buckwheat 2 oz
    • Alfalfa 1 oz
  • 30 perfectly sized coir grow discs- just add water
  • Complete directions
  • 2 recipe cards

1 review for Microgreen Windowsill Kit

  1. Taylor

    I love these kits! I gifted several of these to family and friends for Christmas and I think they are absolutely phenomenal. You don't need a large space and often a kitchen window is perfect for this kit. I love that you can not only grow delicious and nutrient rich food but as enjoy some beautiful greenery in your home.

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