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Microgreen Adventure – Kids Educational Grow Kit


Start a life-long love of growing things, and an age-appropriate understanding of nutrition, biology, and botany. Experience the science and fun of growing healthy bodies, minds, and lives. Ages 3-12

  • Microgreens grow on a windowsill and are ready to harvest in 10 days
  • STEAM hands-on Learning and exploration
  • Designed by experts, approved by kids


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Microgreen Adventure – Kids Educational Grow Kit

Getting children involved in gardening allows them to experience plant care and nourish a responsible, consistent, and positive attitude towards work.

 As they grow their own vegetables, they gain many benefits including

  • Responsibility– from caring for their microgreens
  • Understanding– as they learn about cause and effect such as that plants die without water, plants grow when they are cared for
  • Self-confidence– from achieving their goal of growing something and enjoying the food they have grown
  • Love of nature– from watching the process from seed to edible plant
  • Reasoning and discovery – learning about the science of plants, nutrition, and using what they grow
  • Creativity– finding new and exciting ways to grow food and how to eat it for enjoyment as well as nutrition
  • Nutrition – learning about where fresh food comes from.

Microgreens are the perfect gardening experience for children. Each crop goes from seed to harvest in about 10 days, and each day there is something new to discover.

Growing healthy lives while growing microgreens on a windowsill.

An exciting, hands-on STEM kit for children 3-12. Kids learn the WHY of eating healthy as they learn to grow micro vegetables indoors. They will explore in a fun and engaging way with hands-on microgreen-related experiments and thought-provoking activities.

* Learn together with the youngest learners. Work together to discover new ideas and choices.
* Self guided learning activities and exciting experiences for readers.

Included :

Sturdy reusable microgreen grow kit

  • (1) – Dishwasher safe planting tray
  • (1) – Dishwasher safe water tray
  • (1) – Dishwasher safe cover tray
  • (1) – Spray Bottle
  • (1) – Fresnel Lens
And the month one learning kit
  • (1) – Full-Color Educational Magazine with growing lessons, experiments, and hands-on science experiments
  • (2) – Seeds and Soil
  • (1) – Experiment pack for hands-on STEM learning
  • (1) – Kid-approved recipe card
  • (1) – Assistant’s Guide ( additional knowledge for Adults)

Includes shipping within the United States

*Note: Because our kits includes seeds, we are unable to ship outside the US.

The statistics that inspired The Microgreen Adventure for children:

  • In 15 years, the consumption of vegetables by children has dropped 50%
  • Only 2% of teenagers eat enough veggies to sustain good health
  • 67% of a child’s calories come from processed food
  • Many children do not like vegetables and choose not to eat them
  • When there are few fresh foods available, children don’t have options

Unhappy children with poor eating habits

  • A child’s diet influences both physical and mental health
  • The incidence of mental health difficulties in children has increased dramatically as diets have eliminated whole, fresh food.
  • Fresh, whole foods deliver the nutrition that a growing child’s brain needs to function.
  • Observational studies suggest a strong link between diet and mental health.
  • There are many factors that influence our physical and mental health.
  • We can make a difference through our food choices.

Through growing, eating, and exploring with microgreens, The Mighty Microgreen Adventure inspires kids to-

  • Make better nutrition choices,
  • Make better health choices
  • Make better social choices.
  • learn to grow their own food

Children live better, longer, and brighter lives when they are healthy.

  • Eating vegetables is important for life-long good health and the time to begin is now
  • Few children eat enough unprocessed vegetables.

We are helping children improve their long-term quality of life by teaching them to

  • Grow and eat their own food
  • Understand the nutrition in their food supply
  • Understand biology as it relates to themselves and those around them

Microgreens are tiny vegetables that are grown indoors

  • Up to 40% more nutritious than full-grown veggies
  • Incredible teaching tools for all ages
  • Ready to harvest just 10 days from planting.

Our mission is to build healthier lives using the power of exploration, education, and microgreens.

We are teaching kids the WHY of eating healthy

How? By:

  • Exploring with hands-on science experiments and thought-provoking activities.
  • Growing their own micro-farm on a window inside their home or school.
  • Eating, and sharing microgreens with family, friends, and neighbors.

The Mighty Microgreen Adventure teaches

  • nutrition
  • biology
  • botany
  • and the science and excitement of growing healthy bodies and minds with an exciting, hands-on subscription


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